Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chinatowns – A symbol of Chinese Heritage

Chinatowns, a symbol of Chinese heritage were developed on both, the East and West Coasts of United States. In fact, Chinatowns were developed in many other countries around the world including Canada, Australia, France, Russia and several other countries. The mass immigration of Chinese and adjacent Asian communities owing to regional conflicts and the need of United States for a skilled labor was the main reason behind these mass immigrations.
Chinatowns were developed during the late 1800s and represent Chinese / Asian culture. These were developed throughout the major cities of USA like San Francisco, Boston (MA), and New York. Development of other Asian enclaves like Little India and Korea-town also started with the arrival of these communities. However, with the rise of Chinese and fall of US economy, many of the initial immigrants turned back to their countries for a better, prosperous life, and since then, Chinatowns have lost their true purpose.
Chinatowns are now mainly known for their food and regional specialties. For example, K&K, a famous specialty store in US Chinatowns that are known for their imports in Asian fruits and vegetables that are unavailable in the US. Similarly, China King, a new restaurant in Chinatown offers homemade cooking like no other. China King takes you back in time to Mom’s home cooked dumplings and noodles.
Overall life in Chinatowns is very dense but the old Chinese folks have made quite some efforts in preserving their culture even after mass relapse of their communities. Chinese are encouraged to live in Chinatowns where schools and libraries are developed and Chinese people are eager to expose their newly born children to their culture in an overall effort to preserve it. Asians are aware of the fact that their third generations are more rapt towards US culture and so, efforts are being made by the US government and China to uphold their culture and heritage

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