Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 great tips to get cheaper airfare

Tricks to get cheaper airfare:

cheapest airfares
There are some simple rules that we have to follow, in order to get ourselves a good deal while traveling by air.
  • The trend of online purchase of air tickets has increased recently, but that may not be always a good deal as those rates are pretty much fixed by the airline and the airline fees are kept to a maximum level of those online prices, further  more refund, reissue of tickets can be a headache and the security of online transactions can also be pretty dangerous. So keep online purchase as one of the options but not the only option.
  • For some sectors, airlines have special discounted fares for business as well as economy classes, so always check their website before going on to purchase the ticket of those airlines.
  • The earlier we purchase the cheaper the fares are usually.
  • If we purchase a domestic ticket for other country from our country (purchasing a London to Manchester ticket from Australia) than it will be a lot higher than if we purchase it in that particular country.
  • Always have a mileage card of airline that’s been booked for you, as mileage cards have a lot of facilities which includes free tickets, business upgrades, and even we  can do some online shopping on them too.
  • To have a professional travel agent always helps as they know all the details of the routes and airlines so they may give you a better deal.
  • The most direct route may not always be the most cheaper route, if you want cheap airfares always be prepared to use some unfamiliar routes.
  • Travel dates are very important as airlines also have a demand based pricing policy for each season and each day of weak. If we travel in dates that are busy airport dates, expect a higher fare than normal.
  • If you are traveling with your friends or family members, always check with the airline or your travel agent as you may fall under the category of a group as per number of travelers with you, because group fare tends to be lower than normal.
  • If you are a frequent traveler with a lot of changes to your itinerary after ticketing the best deal can be to have a fully unrestricted fares , these are fares that are more expensive than normal fare but don’t have any date change fee as well as any refund fee, so we can get free date changes from these fares.
There are many other ways and tricks to get cheaper airfares and we’ll write another post to cover them.

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