Wednesday, February 27, 2013

George Best – The Best Footballer Ever

“Boss, I think I’ve found you a genius.” A telegram stating from Bob Bishop scout of Manchester United to the legendary Manager of Manchester United Matt Busby. And yes, genius he was.
George Best
George was the best player ever in the game who hailed from Norway. Born on 22nd May 1946 in Belfast.  He is considered to be the first celebrity footballer. A true crowd puller and lady killer. His beautiful on field game, good looks and off the fields activities were all the ingredients needed to be the hot boy of the game.
Only at the age of 15 he was discovered by Manchester United Scouts , when his childhood favorite team Glentoran had already rejected him. George played his debut first team match in 1963 at the age of seventeen and scored his first team goal in his only second appearance for the Red Devils. Best spent 11 years with Manchester United having appeared in 470 matches and scored 179 goals. His performances were key factors in several Manchester United triumphs.
During his adult life he consumed a lot of alcohol and his off the field life was always among the headlines. “ I spent 90 % of my money on women, drinks and fast cars. The rest I wasted.”  He would often say these words after retirement.  On field he was the best man to have in the squad and must play guy, but his off the field attitude and discipline problems were really a headache for the managers that really put an effect on his overall career.
After leaving Manchester United he had stints with many clubs in Europe, America and Africa, appearing in a total 594 matches with 208 Goals he also had National team appearances numbering 37 with 09 goals.
George the Best died on 25th  November 2005 at 59 as his liver was damaged because of heavy alcohol consumption. “The beautiful boy” of the “beautiful game” is in the Hall of Fame of Manchester United and FIFA, and is considered to be the finest, the fastest and the most technically beautiful player to have ever emerged from Briton.
His playing abilities are summed up this beautiful quote,“Maradona good, Pele Better, George Best.”

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