Saturday, February 23, 2013

BMW Headquarters – The Remarkable Munich Landmark

BMW Headquarter
Name of the building: BMW Headquarters
Location: Munich
Country: Germany
Designed by: Karl Schwanzer
Opened in: 1973
Space covered: 72000 square meters
Height: 101 meters
Floors: 22
Used as: World headquarters for BMW

5 quick facts about the BMW Headquarters:

  • The BMW Headquarters consist of two main buildings, one of them is designed as a huge 4-cylinder engine of BMW while the other building represents the shape of a racing car’s tire.
  • The BMW Tower is known as one of the most remarkable landmarks in Munich and is declared as a protected historical building in 1999.
  • It is located near the Olympic park in Munich, and it was completed in 1972 when Munich Summer Olympic Games 1972 were just about to start.
  • Building also has BMW museum where one can find a brief history of BMW’s development including vehicles, aircraft and other products of BMW. The museum is visited by about 250,000 million people annually.
  • Because of its interestingly unique design, the building is nicknamed as BMW four-cylinder and BMW Hochhaus.

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