Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mars One – Taking you to Mars Foreve

Private Company seeks applicants for the Mars One project! Says earthlings above 18yrs can apply with their videos on mars one official website.
It used to be a space lover’s dream to cross the vast frontiers of space and to have a place to call home other than the planet ‘earth’. Now it’s becoming a reality. With sanctions imposed on NASA and budget cuts for further space expeditions, private companies like Mars One supported by wealthy ambitious businessmen eager to become space travelers have set up a private shop supporting space settlement in a distant planet. Mars being the most suitable planet for earth settlers owing to environmental conditions has therefore become a talk of the day.
Mars one project first human colony on mars
Mars One, a Dutch private space exploration company plans to send four astronauts in the first quarter of 2023. All the contributions are made by private space exploration enthusiasts’ aka wealthy businessmen and private corporations with no interference from politics. The company says that these will not be space travelers, rather permanent dwellers on Mars. For this purpose, Mars One started taking applications from around the world and the company CEO says that selection will be made regardless of caste, color, or creed and applicants will be selected from all the world continents.

So far so good, Mars One CEO Bans Lansdorp says that they have received over 100,000 applications for the opening on April 23 present year. The application process is scheduled to be completed in 2015. By that time 24 applicants will be shortlisted for training. The applicants will possess high physical and intellectual skills and the shortlisting will be based on rigorous tests where an applicant’s abilities will be pushed to the limits, says Bans. After the successful launch of first four astronauts travelling a journey of 7 months to Mars, another team of four will be sent with an interval of two years. During the training phase, the lucky 24 will also be put into simulation tests where they’ll be required to live in controlled Martian like environments and simulated communication / signal lag with earth will also be displayed that can stretch over 10-20 minutes.

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