Monday, June 17, 2013

Canon PowerShot N, redesigning the pocket camera

As digital point-and-shoot cameras are getting slimmer and more compact, shape has been pretty much the same through the years. Well Canon just launched their new PowerShot N featuring an innovative square design.
The Canon PowerShot N has a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with an 8x optical zoom lens and uses DIGIC 5 image processor.
Having a square design, the PowerShot N is easier to slip in and out of your pocket, or sling it over your neck. And because of its compact square form, there’s really no space for the usual dials and buttons. There’s only the power switch on one side, while the other side houses the Mobile Device Connect button, Creative Shot button, and the Display button. There are also prominent lugs on both sides for you to use the supplied strap.
It has a tilting 2.8-inch touchscreen at the back that should take care of your usual menus for modes and creative shot selection, as well as WiFi options such as sharing photos to your smartphone or uploading them to your social network. The tilt function does not extend all the way to the front nor your can tilt it sideways.
What’s interesting here are the thin dual control rings in front near the base. The first ring is actually the shutter button which you can press downward although you can also use the touchscreen to focus and take the shot if you’re more used to that. The second ring is actually the zoom ring to extend the camera’s 8x zoom lens.
This camera uses a microSD card and has a small removable battery which you can also charge directly from the unit via a miniUSB cable.
The Canon PowerShot N is quite a novel-looking camera but still a regular point-and-shoot with WiFi capability on the inside. It’s already available with an SRP of Php16,998.

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