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Samsung WB30F Smart Camera Review

In today’s age where mobility and connectivity becomes crucial factors to consider when purchasing a new gadget, it becomes a challenge for camera manufacturers to compete with the best features of Smartphones and on how they can make cameras “smarter” than they used to.
I was able to test the Samsung WB30F, one of Samsung’s latest Smart Camera which features a built-in Wi-Fi capability that would allow users to share photos with ease. Read on to find out what I think of this baby.


In terms of design, the Samsung WB30F is a stunner in a low-profile way. It has a pearly white metallic body that complements the black lens cover and black top and bottom panels.
Samsung WB30F 01
I was outright impressed by this elegant looking camera that comes with white microUSB cable and plug, a complementing white pouch and a white lanyard. It comes in other color variations (black, red, purple and pink) but the white model is certainly the most appealing. This slim built model with a front handgrip measures only about 17mm thick and weighs 131 grams.
Samsung WB30F 02
The front panel features only the 16-megapixel camera lens and the built-in flash. The shutter button, zoom controls, microphone, speaker, and the power button can be found right on top like in most cameras.
Samsung WB30F 03
One that is remarkable on the rear panel is a separate Wi-Fi Direct Link button apart from all the other usual camera buttons. Beside the 3-inch TFT LCD screen (which I thought was touch screen at first) are the usual point and shoot buttons (Menu, Playback, Home, Delete, Self-Timer, Macro, Flash, and Display Options). You’ll also find a small textured area near the Wi-Fi button for your thumb to aid your grip further.
Samsung WB30F 04
Facing the LCD screen and then to your right is the micro-USB port parallel to the strap holder. The battery compartment (with micro-SD slot) and tripod screw thread are found at the bottom.


The Samsung WWB30F Smart Camera features a 24mm wide-angle lens at 16.2 megapixels that allows you to capture better landscapes. Exposure as well as color reproduction are pretty decent. The WB30F has 10x Optical Zoom so you can take close-up photos from afar. I was impressed with its ability to give sharp details because not all point-and-shoot cameras (and smartphones) deliver quality photos using when zoomed in. Shoot quality videos with the WB30F at 1280 x 720 pixels in MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 compression.
Samsung WB30F 05
A mainstay of most Samsung point-and-shoot cameras would be the digital effects and filters that allow you to play around with your camera. The WB30F has a number of scenes, photo filters and frame options that you can choose from to enhance your photos. You can select from a variety of scenes (landscape, indoor, night and sunset, portrait to name a few) with pre-defined camera settings to match your current surroundings.
The WB30F also features the Live Panorama that allows you to take 180° panoramic shots live. Available filters include black and white, sepia, vignette, miniature, fisheye, old film, sketch, split shot and a lot more. The Magic Frame feature offers 12 cool background templates for a more fun output. The WB30F also has white balance controls to help you get natural tones on different lighting conditions.

Sample photos

To give you a better grasp of the quality of photos this camera can take, here are some sample shots:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

My expectations were high on the Samsung WB30F in terms of the Wi-Fi functionality. I was really curious (but mostly excited) about how this would work for the camera. When you click the Wi-Fi button, you will be asked to first download the Samsung Smart Camera application on either your Android or iOS device. This extra step is a bit anti-climactic but everything should go smoothly from thereon.
Samsung WB30F 06
Once you have installed the application in your mobile device, you are now ready to use the AutoShare feature that the Samsung WB03F Smart Camera boasts of. AutoShare allows you to take photos and instantly access it from the connected mobile device. File sharing was pretty quick as it only takes about 15- 20 seconds to transfer photos. The disappointment here though is you can’t directly send already-existing photos to your mobile device using AutoShare.
There are a few other options to use in order to share your photos from the Samsung WB30F Smart Camera. The Share file option allows you to share an existing photo to your email, cloud and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The WB30F can also share photos via Wi-Fi Direct and other apps like Picasa and AllShare Play. In addition, you also have the option to share your HD videos on YouTube straight from the camera.


For a retail price of Php8,490, I say that the Samsung WB30F Smart Camera is a good candidate for your next handy-dandy camera. It fares well among its competitors (Wi-Fi, 10x Optical Zoom) in terms of price and performance. Its Wi-Fi capabilities definitely complement the fun features of the WB30F.
  • Sleek and elegant body feels well-built and makes it a perfect match for your smartphones and tablets. Arctic white color is remarkably attractive.
  • Hassle-free photo transfer in just 20 seconds or less using the AutoShare feature.
  • Cheaper than other brands with similar specs.
  • Get sharp details from your subject even from a distance with the 10x Optical Zoom.
  • Digital filters and camera effects complement the Wi-Fi capability making it more enjoyable to use.
  • Good battery life.
  • Best for travel.
  • Low resolution LCD screen at 230k dots
  • Extra steps before you can share photos/videos via AutoShare
  • Unable to store email addresses/Account details so you will have to re-enter every time you share a photo/s (A touch screen display would have made this easier).

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