Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7 Interesting Facts about Fishes you didn’t know

Below mentioned are the 7 most amazing, interesting and in fact surprising facts about the fishes. You’ll surely be stand still after reading this post. You would love and get amused after being acknowledged with the following fascinating facts about fishes.

Cavefish: The Fish with no Eyes

Facts about fishes
  • Cavefish is a very popular specie of fishes. It has got no eyes but is intelligent enough to sense the in-coming vibrations in its path. In addition to it, they are very good in smelling.

Oscar Fish: The Multi-color Fish

oscar fish
  • It is a proven fact that Oscar fish has the ability to change colors then they are in the process of mating. They are found in Australia, China and USA.

Fishes has over 32,000 species

facts about fishes
  • There are around 32,000 of different species of fishes and their study is known “ichthyology”. When talking about Fishes, they will be mentioned as “Fish” if we talk about a single species of fish while they will be mentioned as “Fishes” if we talk about multiple species.

Jellyfish: The Intelligent One

jelly fish
  • Jelly Fish lacks in terms of having outer-shell or skeletal structure. They are considered as the most intelligent specie in fishes, yet they have no brain. Jelly Fish is the only fish that in-takes food and passes-out waste material from the very same mouth.

Stone Fish: The Poisonous Stone

Stone Fish
  • Stone Fish is one of the most venomous fishes in the world. It is fatal to humans too and can cause death if not treated with in a couple of hours when they sting. They have several species and all of them are equally dangerous for humans.

Seahorse: The Slowest Fish

It was a big debate for scientists whether seahorse is a species of fish or not but finally they agreed that sea horse belongs to the fish family. Sea horses are the slowest swimmers as they hardly cover a distance of five feet per hour.

Anaplebs: The Four-eyed Fish

four eyed fish
An intelligent species of fish that can see above and below the surface of water at the same time, this is why they are called four-eyed fish. Their eyes are positioned on top of their head and they keep upper half of their eye above the surface of water while the lower half below the surface.

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