Saturday, May 4, 2013

NVIDIA intros their Quadro and Tesla Processors in Asia

NVIDIA introduced its new line of Quadro equipped workstations by HP for the Asian market  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last April 26. The Kepler-powered GPUs will be available in several configurations for HP’s Z and EliteBook series.
HP Z820 Workstation
The Quadro line of GPUs are specifically aimed and designed for professionals to accelerate their work for CAD and digital content creation markets. It allows them to have real-time renderings of their work, which saves designers a lot of time.
realtime rendering
Along with the Quadro, NVIDIA will also be making the Tesla line of GPUs available as well. These Kepler-based GPUs are geared for high-computing tasks, and is most useful to the scientific and engineering markets.
So if you are freelancer, a 3D and video production company or in the scientific and engineering field; you may want to consider getting yourselves one of these workstations, as they are reliable and certified to run your graphics and applications smoothly.
Quadro Maximus
NVIDIA recommends that when you configure your systems is that you get both a Quadro and a Tesla processor (which they call the Quadro Maximus solution), so you will get the most efficient graphics and computing power for your machine.
These workstations and GPUs, which are part of NVIDIA’s professional solutions, will be available soon in the Philippines. We’ll keep you updated once we get word on when they will be released here.

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