Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keep Track Of Time Spent On Tasks With ‘Whatcha Doing?’ For Windows

Computers and technology is meant to make our lives easier and if there’s one thing most of us need assistance with, it’s task management. There are countless task management apps available across desktop, mobile and the web designed to aid people in finishing their work in a timely fashion, each boasting their own features and functionality. While most of the task management apps let you set alarms or reminders of some sort for your important chores and assignments, what if all you want to do is to track the time you’ve spent on a particular task? Whatcha Doing? is a desktop app that can be of great help in this regard. Let’s take a look at it to find out more.
It’s an Adobe AIR application that allows you to not only create different kinds of tasks, but also monitor the time you have been spending on them. Its own window pops up from time to time reminding you about time intervals to show what you’ve been doing for the past few minutes or hours. And since there aren’t any predefined categories for the type of tasks you may create or manage, you can put almost anything in there, ranging from breakfast or workout to the time you spent gossiping with your friends.
Whatcha Doings? sports a pretty simple interface, carrying a few different buttons on the main window to define your current task, access the app’s settings, view reports on what you’ve been doing, change the task to another one, hide the window, or quit the app. Clicking the current task button sends the app to system tray, from where it quietly monitors the task time.
Whatcha Doing
To assign a new task, simply click Change Task button followed by specifying a couple of task parameters including task name and break or lunch interval, should there be any. Just type the entries in the relevant field and click Add. All your existing tasks appear under the Select Task drop down menu, making it easier to switch between them on the fly. Whatcha Doing keeps a history of all your previous tasks you’ve ever created using this app, and you can access this log via the Reports button, from where you can also print the report, or save it as a CSV or XLS file.
The Options screen (accessible via clicking Settings) allows you to make a few application-specific changes such as setting the user’s name, the check interval time for automatic prompts, and auto startup behavior at Windows logon. Additionally, you can clear your current tasks list as well as your history data from here, and specify the total numbers of days for keeping the history log.
Whatcha Doing Settings
Whatcha Doing? is available in three variants: Free, Premium ($10) and Group Rate ($15 / user / year). The premium version adds Basecamp support, while Group Rate also supports group tracking and management, in addition to all the features of free and premium versions.

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