Friday, May 17, 2013

Genius BT-100R brings Bluetooth to your wired speakers and headphones

There are the times when having a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphone would be of use. One useful case would be when you have a pair of loud speakers leeching music off your iPod but you don’t want to be tied up next to it whenever you want to change tracks, you would wish to have a Bluetooth speaker instead.
The Genius BT-100R is a music Bluetooth receiver that works on any speakers (even car stereo) or headphones that uses RCA cables or 3.5mm audio cables. So if you have your favorite speakers, or your high-end headphones, but you want to bring Bluetooth capability to it, this is your device.
Just connect your speakers to the BT-100R and you can start pairing it with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled music source. This device comes with a rechargeable built-in lithium battery that charges via USB and can last about 10 hours.
The Genius T-100R is already available in PC stores for Php1,250.

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