Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viber gets major update, now also available on your desktop

Viber, one of the most widely-used moible messaging app with more than 200 million users worldwide, has just underwent a major revision. Viber 3.0 now allows mobile app users to chat with their friends with the a desktop version (Windows and Mac, Linux to follow).
Having a Viber desktop app is a great companion for the mobile app as you don’t have to keep on glancing your phone while you’re in front of your PC. Saves on phone battery as well. Or in case you left your mobile phone at home. The desktop app also lets you make video calls even if the mobile version still restricts you to voice calls.
Using Viber for desktop still requires you to have Viber installed on your mobile device as it will still use your mobile number for authentication. What’s neat here is that messages and calls you make on your mobile phone is automatically pushed to the desktop app and vice versa. Same thing when you delete a conversation thread.
Here’s a video showing you a rundown of what you can now do with the Viber Desktop.
Now if you’re not fond of the desktop app, Viber also made some improvements to their mobile app. You can now send video messages, check whether a contact is online or not (can be turned off), add captions to photos (and videos) you send, and the UI also got a cool redesign. Viber also included a new voice engine to improve sound quality even in a poor network connection.

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