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7 less known Facts about Titanic

Everyone knows about the titanic which was crashed to an iceberg at the time of 11:40 p.m. on 14th April 1912, and it took just 2 and a half hours to sink. There are many stories famous about titanic. In this post, we have gathered 7 stories/facts about titanic.
facts about titanic
  • Initially, there was taken place the scheduling of a lifeboat drill on the ship the Titanic on the day of hitting the Titanic with the iceberg-April 14, 1912. However, the drill was canceled by the Captain Smith for an anonymous reason.
  • In order to save the life of children and women by sending them first in the lifeboats, just two dogs named Pekinese and Pomeranian out of nine were rescued because of having not enough lifeboats.
  • The RMS. Titanic had a designation stands for the Royal Mail Ship which meant that Titanic had an official responsibility to deliver mail to the British postal service.
  • When the alert was sounded by the lookouts, there was only 37 seconds for officers to react before hitting the Titanic with the iceberg. Murdoch was the first officer at that time who gave the order of hard a-starboard that allowed the ship to turn left towards port. He also gave the order to engine room for reversing the engine. To bank left of the Titanic was not quite enough.
titanic crashed
  • The Titanic had all facilities on board, having its own newspaper named The Atlantic Daily Bulletin which had been printing daily on the ship The Titanic. The news, stock prices, advertisement, society gossip, horse-racing results, and every day menu were included in the newspaper.
  • Although, most of the passengers had been sharing bathrooms, there were only two bathtubs in third class for above 700 passengers, and for first class, two promenade suites had private bathrooms.
  • It was the fact that there were not only shortage of boats but also majority lifeboats had capacity to fill the more passengers, but had not been filled to that capacity. For example, Lifeboat 7 was the first lifeboat that was launched by carrying only 24 people, even though had a capacity of 65 people. And another lifeboat 1, that was carrying few people, including five passengers and seven crew, although, it had capacity for 40.

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