Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bill Gates – 37th Richest Country of the World

Bill Gates
Well, who in the world would not know about the Bill Gates. William Henry The Third from Seattle didn’t only introduce the Microsoft to world but also made himself the greatest man in United States of America out of nothing. It takes something extra-ordinary to become Gates, but hats off to this man’s courage, struggle and hard works and the way he put the whole word at ease.
Gates since the day one of his school life was not only ambitious of serving the world in true meanings but was extra-intelligent in mathematics, science and physics. His father was a local attorney in Seattle and her late mom was the university professor that proves he was not well-off in terms of financial means. This motivated him to do something productive that remains live until the world stands. He then dipped himself very much into thinking that he couldn’t even pay proper attention to his Bachelor’s degree and once got expelled from college too but later on graduated in computer engineering.
According to Bill Gates himself, he had spent days and nights in a single room with computers and didn’t put his steps out of room until unless the goal of the day is achieved. That’s what makes him the most dedicated person on the earth till date. His hard ships certainly paid him back and that is the reason he had lead the roster of the world’s richest people for 15 consecutive years. Back in 2008, he was declared as the third richest person of the world.
Bill Gates is still a down to earth person. He believes in working for the welfare of humanity and pay huge checks in term of charity. A question when asked to him about large charity amounts being funded on regular basis from his earnings, he replied that certainly I am the richest person of the world, but I don’t believe in living with forgettable past.

Some crazy facts about Bill Gates’ wealth:

  • Currently, Bill Gates is the richest American and the second richest man in the world with a total wealth of 67 billion USD.
  • While you were reading this line, Bill Gates earned 1750 USD.
  • Bill Gates is richer than 140 countries of the world.
  • He has given about 31 billion USD to charity.
  • He can pay total US National Debt i.e., 5.62 trillion USD just in 10 years.

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