Saturday, July 6, 2013

What is pollution and what are its harms?

What is pollution?

Air pollution
When an amount of waste becomes excessive, it is called pollution, which comprises harmful poisons, releasing into water, soil, and environment-air. People are usually the cause of pollution; specially, the causes of pollutions are the cars which we drive, the factories which manufacture the products we purchase, the power plants which generate the electricity and gas used by us, and also the farms that grow the food for us.

How it occurs?

Since the population throughout the world is increasing day by day, and the factories, which are progressively constructing that’s why environment pollution is also increasing, that is now a very serious problem all over the world.
Air pollution occurs mostly by burning of fuel. The biggest reasons are gas-powered methods of transportation-cars, airplanes, trains and boats.
There are varieties of sources, which cause the water pollution. The factories that produce toys, steel, tires and other daily use products, also produce a vast amount of waste products. This waste is full of toxic chemicals, which release into the water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. Sewage is also caused of water pollution, including animal and human waste.
wate pollution
Land pollution is primarily caused by garbage such as plastic, paper, glass, some metals, and so on.

Harms of Pollution:

There are following major harms caused by pollution.
  • Air pollution may damage the brain functions, and also decline the cognition.
  • Air pollution may cause the pneumonia for an elder person and increase the risk of lung cancer.
  • One of the greatest harm of air pollution is its effects on Ozone layer. As everyone knows, ozone layer is a combination of several gases which saves the earth from the ultra-violet rays of sunlight. Due to huge amount of air pollution in recent decades, the Ozone layer has become thinner and danger of skin cancer and many other diseases has increased.

What should we do to reduce it?

We can’t eliminate the pollution, but we can reduce it. There are following ways to reduce the pollution:
  • We can construct landfills so that dangerous methane gas which uses to provide it power is carried away by underground pipes.
  • We should use alternative energy sources, which exploit the power from the sun, and water. Solar power is the best alternate of all the energy resources.
  • Proper installation of sewage plants can remove almost all waste and don’t let the waste in the water bodies.
  • Farmers should use fewer chemicals instead of organic farming methods.
  • Gasoline producers can create adjustment in the fuel in order to prevent its harmful emissions while it is burning.

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