Monday, July 1, 2013

Space Needle – The Iconic Symbol of Seattle

Space Needle in Seattle Washington
Name of the building: Space Needle
Location: Seattle, Washington
Country: United States
Designed by: John Graham and Company
Opened in: 21st April 1962
Height: 184.41 meters (including antenna)
Floors: 6
Major materials used: Steel and concrete
Cost: 4.5 million USD
Used as: Observation tower

5 quick facts about Space Needle:

  • The Space Needle is the greatest landmark and a symbol of Seattle. It is an observation tower and also has a revolving restaurant on the height of 500 feet above the ground.
Space Needle in Seattle Washington
  • Seattle was about to host world fair in 1962 therefore they planned to construct the Space Needle to attract the visitors. The organizer’s strategy became successful when about 10 million people visited Seattle for the world fair.
  • The Space Needle is the best example of Googie Architecture. Googie Architecture is a form of modern and futuristic architecture which is influenced by space age. Now one can easily understand the design of the tower as its just look like a flaying saucer landed over a tower.
  • The Space Needle has several achievements and rewards on its credit. Some of them are “Best Place to Get Engaged”, “Best Place to Have a Party”, “Best Restaurant with a view.”
  • The Space Needle has total 25 lightning rods to bear the lightning strikes. There are total 3 elevators installed in the tower. Although just one cable is enough to hold the elevator’s weight but there are seven cables to support the each elevator.

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