Saturday, July 13, 2013

Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 Gaming Headset Review

Armageddon is starting to make a name for itself for manufacturing gamer-centric products. Ranging from gaming keyboards to gaming mice to gaming headsets and all peripherals a gamer needs for his arsenal.
Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 02
The Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 may be the little brother of the X7 and X9, but it sure does pack a lot to satisfy a gamer’s surround-sound needs. The X5 is packed with 8 audio drivers, 4 on each side, that provides 5.1 surround sound. Yes, you need a soundcard or a motherboard that has the complete slots for an analog 5.1 input. With the separate drivers, the X5 is able to deliver a true 5.1 experience, mainly used for directional audio in games. A mic is also included which is detachable.
Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 remote1 Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 remote2 Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 remote3
One thing I like about the X5 is the remote control. The remote control can control EACH pair of driver separately. You can adjust the volume of the front, rear, center & subwoofer. It also has a master volume knob which sets the volume for all of the drivers and the microphone on/off switch.
Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 01
Now onto the design. The X5, having 8 different drivers, is heavy, although the faux leather foam pads help with the comfort of the wearer. Wearing it for long hours may be uncomfortable though. One thing I noticed is that the headband is not adjustable, so I suggest trying it on first before buying it and see if it’s a snug fit for you.
As for the audio quality, the X5 delivers in a way that the 8 drivers are not competing against each other. It’s loud, yes, but it does seem to sound good if you have the right levels of volume for each pair of drivers.
Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 03
I tried playing these cans with Bioshock: Infinity and Team Fortress 2, and the directional sound is just superb. You can tell where an enemy is just by listening closely and even if you’re playing an RPG or a different genre, the sound quality will immerse you in the world of what you’re playing.
The Armageddon Avatar Pro X5 is already available with a retail price of Php3,999.

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