Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Intel 4th Gen Core processors, what it means for future notebooks

Intel Philippines recently launched their 4th Gen Core processors codenamed Haswell and this time, the focus is on mobile PCs especially multi-forms and multi-purpose ones. Sure desktop PCs will still be there but the innovation on these new breed of processors will greatly benefit the notebooks of the near future.
We already saw hybrid notebooks that allowed for innovative designs as early as last year and Intel pushes its OEMs to continue that trend and eventually change how people view desktop PCs. Instead of traditional desktops, the future of desktop computing is expected to be filled with touch systems that can easily leave the desk, hence more mobile.
This is now possible with the 4th Gen Intel Core processor which has the most scalable architecture in Intel’s history. There will be 4th Gen processors that can consume as low as 6W which is already beyond Atom levels, up to chips that can go as high as 95W for some heavy computing.
The new Intel Core processors boast of a significant increase in battery life compared to the previous generation. If on a 3rd gen processor you can get 6 hours worth of HD viewing, with the 4th gen you can get 9.7 hours.
Intel also expanded its range of Intel graphics in the highly integrated SoC to deliver even better visuals in thinner and lighter devices. Intel Iris graphics, available on select SKUs of the 4th Gen Intel Core processor family, delivers up to double the 3-D performance over today’s fastest mobile Intel HD Graphics solutions.
Intel Iris Pro
There are 4 SKUs or processor lines for the 4th Gen Intel Core processor – H, M, U, Y.
  • The H will be used for those high-end notebooks suitable for gaming. The future of gaming notebooks can make do without a discrete graphics with Intel’s Iris Pro graphics. Tests show that the Iris Pro is already comparable to a GT630M discrete graphics but with an on-chip solution so it’s more power efficient.
  • The M will be the high-performance mainstream quad-core notebooks that will have Intel’s latest integrated graphics (GT2).
  • The U will be the your new Ultrabooks with an ultra-low 28W wattage and can come with an integrated graphics or Intel’s Iris graphics if you want more power for gaming.
  • The Y processor line will be the most interesting one as it can produce some crazy thin, yet mainstream notebooks/tablets out there that doesn’t heat up . This extremely low-power 6W chip comes in Core i3 and i5 variant with an Intel HD 4200 graphics.
We also saw some improved features brought by the new Intel Core processors. For example, the less-used facial recognition to unlock a device now responds faster to make it usable. Intel did a demo and indeed it was now faster to unlock with the camera than to key in your password. Gesture controls and voice commands are now more polished and perform smoother than before.
The 4th Gen Intel Core processor is the first chip ever built from the ground up for the Ultrabook and the most significant roadmap change since Intel Centrino technology. It will usher in 2-in-1 devices that combine stunning PC performance with tablet-like mobility for this year and the next.

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