Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fanny Wang 3000 ANC Headphones Review

The Fanny Wang 3000… ok laugh it off for a bit. Are you done? Let’s try again. Fanny Wang is an audio brand set to compete with Beats. The Wang 3000 is their top-of-the-line DJ headphones with active noise cancelling and a design strongly inspired by their competition.
This headphone is fashionably big with a wide solid band and a full-sized earcups that looked a bit thicker than your average headphones. We’ll get to that later. The box comes with a detachable audio cable which is a good call, a stereo adapter, a certificate of authenticity card, and a semi-hard case to store everything when not in-use.
Fanny-Wang-3000-02 Fanny-Wang-3000-03 Fanny-Wang-3000-04
Going back to the cable, it has an in-line remote with mic which was made for the iOS system, specifically the iPhone, which you can use to make or take calls. It also has what they call Duo-Jack technology which allows you to plugin another headphones so you can share your music with your companion without disturbing your listening.
Fanny-Wang-3000-06 Fanny-Wang-3000-07
Now the reason why the earcups are huge and thick is because it’s designed to eliminate over 95% of ambient noise. Inside each cups are two microphones that measure noise levels from within and an additional two microphones that measure ambient noise. With the measurement, a cancelling signal is generated to attenuate any interfering noise.
Fanny-Wang-3000-05 Fanny-Wang-3000-08
Anyway, I find the earcups comfortable enough to use even after an hour of listening. What’s disconcerting though is that for a high-end over ears headphones, there’s still sound leaking from the Wang 3000 even at mid level volume.
Active Noise Cancelling
On the right cup is the switch for the active noise cancelling plus another level if you want the bass enhanced. Two AAA batteries are needed for the ANC to work and this is placed in a compartment on the outside of the right cup.
Fanny-Wang-3000-09 Fanny-Wang-3000-10
Switching to ANC mode without any music, you’ll hear that subtle white noise trying to block ambient noise but it won’t be enough. It just made ambient noise softer. Once you start playing your tunes then you will definitely tune out. My wife scolded me for not hearing our baby cry while I was testing this device. Hehe. Going to Bass mode would be a good idea for those hip-hop tracks as it will really boost the bass without overlapping the treble.
Sound Quality
As for the sound quality of these cans, it sounds right for a high-end product although a bit on the “bassy” side even without switching to Bass mode. It’s not all bad anyway since clarity on the mids and highs are preserved and controlled so there’s none of those grating high-frequencies.
The Wang 3000 will work well for those who love their pop, dance, or hip-hop tunes but if you like your music to be classical, you might not enjoy these even if you’re after its noise canceling feature. And if you value style and looks on your headphones, these are definitely a looker especially the black/red colorway.
Though it may sound funny, the Fanny Wang 3000 is dead serious with its quality as it commands aPhp15,720 price tag.

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