Monday, July 1, 2013

Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech is a familiar brand when it comes to PC accessories and they also enjoyed success when it comes to gaming peripherals. The Logitech G500s is a wired laser mouse that gamers, particularly FPS gamers, would definitely enjoy. It’s an update from their successful G500 mouse having a more accurate laser sensor and a high-tech paint job.
The G500s measures 1.73 by 3 by 5.1 inches which is among the big gaming mice out there that should appeal to right-handed palm grip gamers. It’s a pretty-looking mouse with a hydrophobic coating that wards off oil, sweat and grime after long hours of playing. It also has side grips that remains dry during gaming. It comes with a 6.6-foot nylon-braided cord that prevents it from tangling.
The mouse is littered with 10 buttons including the left and right clickers. The scroll wheel is also clickable and underneath that is a button to switch the scroll wheel from click-to-click precision to a free-spinning hyper-fast scrolling for zipping through a web page.
On the outer edge of the left-click button are two buttons that allow you to shift through up to 10 DPI settings on the fly (200 DPI to 8200 DPI). You don’t have to go through all 10 though. You just customize 3 settings and the LED indicator will show you on which DPI setting you’re currently on.
There are three other thumb buttons that you can program with your game. Outside gaming, two of the buttons let you navigate backward or forward your browser. Use the downloadable Logitech Gaming Software to further customize this mouse to your liking.
The Logitech G500s comes with two sets of weight inserts – six 4.5g and six 1.7g so you can adjust the weight up to seven ounces. You can also position the weights to shift the center of gravity to find the balance you’re comfortable with.
We tried this mouse on two FPS games, Assault Fire and Point Blank, and we love how consistently smooth the tracking is. The DPI toggle buttons and the indicator light was helpful in the game especially when switching roles. And when we wanted to play as a sniper, putting on more weight allows for steady hands and a more stable mouse for precision sniping.
For Php2,967, the Logitech G500s is decently priced considering the amount of customizability you can do with it especially for FPS gamers. It’s priced even lower than the Razer DeathAdder which is also an FPS gamer’s mouse of choice without the weight and DPI customizability.

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