Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 interesting facts about animals

There are about one million different species of animals, birds, insects and fishes in the world. Majority of them can still be found in the world while many of them are endangered or distinct. Here we have collected 10 interesting facts about animals that you never knew.
1) Panamanian Golden Frog:
Panamanian golden frog
An amazing species of frog named Panamanian Golden Frog don’t have ears and they listen with the help of their lungs, yes guys, with the help of lungs. These frogs are not the only species with the same functionality but there are many fishes too that in here in same manner.
2) Groups of Animals:
school of fish
A group of fishes is called a school while a group of owls is called a parliament.
3) Cows:
A single cow releases vast amount of methane gas (One of the most harmful gas) on daily basis. The gas passed by cow can fill about 400 litre bottles.
4) Black Widow Spider:
Black widow spider
Black Widow, one of the most poisonous spiders’ web’s silk is the strongest of all other types of silks in the world. Another interesting fact about them is if a bird eat black widow can face a problem in stomach due to its poison.
5) Woodpecker:
A woodpecker can peck on wood 20 times per second. Their average total pecks are 8,000 to 12,000 a day. A woodpecker was represented successfully by an artist Ben Hardway as fictional Woody Woodpecker.
6) Sharks:
Sharks, one of the largest species of fishes, don’t have bones in their bodies. Their skeleton is made of cartilage (A flexible bone like man have in their ears and nose). An amazing thing about Shark’s skeleton is that it can easy be crushed under their own weight while on dry land.
7) Snails:
A species of snails named as Garden Snail have about 14,175 teeth that are located on its tongue. Another cool and interesting facts about snails is that they can sleep up to 3 years without any break.
8 ) Centipede:
Centipedes exist on earth since 400 million years. Although centipede means 100 feet but many people have witnessed them with over 300 legs.
9) Hyrax:
hyrax cousin of elephant
Hyrax is a small rabbit liked animal with a weight of about 2 to 5 kg but amazingly this animal is known as the cousin of elephant, yes guys, its true, animal is the nearest relative of this animal. shocked?
10) Dodo:
Dodo, one of the national symbols of Mauritius is no more in the world as it was extincted in 1681. Although we can see imaginary shape of Dodo’s in documentaries and featured films but their original shape is still unknown as it existed before the cameras and there are no complete skeletons found yet.

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