Saturday, March 16, 2013

View Your Facebook Feed Items In Tiles With Metro Social For Windows 8

Just yesterday, the official Twitter app hit the Windows Store, and I loved every bit of it. It’s great to see that the world’s largest microblogging service has kept things minimal yet intuitive on the Metro platform. On the other hand, Facebook users are still waiting for an official Windows 8/RT app from the world’s largest social network to join the club, and it might not happen anytime soon either. You don’t have to worry much though, as Windows Store is riddled by a number of third-party Facebook apps like-minded, Facebook Touch and many more. Already tried those but want something different? Metro Socialis yet another one that seems worth a shot.
The tile-based interface of Metro Social sits nicely with Modern UI. Upon launch, the app asks you sign in to your Facebook account by providing the required credentials.
Metro Social_Login
Jump to the main screen of the app and Metro Social might impress you with its captivating looks. It’s easy to navigate, thanks to the big, bold tiles. You can scroll the mouse wheel on the desktop or use finger gestures on Windows RT device in horizontal direction to reveal further content. The main screen displays latest feeds from your friends and the pages you’ve liked.
Metro Social
The app bar at the top edge lets you directly access other areas of Facebook such as news feed, events, photo albums, friends list and so on. It also contains a Web button that is supposed to open the mobile website of Facebook, though the feature didn’t work in for us during our testing.
Metro Social_App Bar
Metro Social also allows you to change the background pattern similar to the way it’s done for the Windows 8 Start Screen. You can choose among various styles, all of which displays famous landmarks from a number countries including Germany, England, Greece, Russia, USA, Italy and France.
Metro Social_Background
Metro Social also supports real-time Facebook notifications. You can click the minuscule Notifications' button to access this screen.
Metro Social_Notifications
Along with your own profile, you can also access Facebook timelines of others. Though the application doesn’t allow to post on anyone else’s wall, which can be a major shortcoming for many.
Metro Social_Profile
On the bright side, you can browse albums of your friends (and your own), and view photos. But again, you’re only able to like the photos, and I couldn’t find a way to post comments on them.
Metro Social_Photo
Overall, it’s a decent Facebook app that might keep you busy until an official release hits the Store. Though its shortcomings mentioned above keep it from providing you with a complete Facebook experience in the Metro environment. The app works on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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