Sunday, March 24, 2013

MiLi Power Master Portable Battery Pack Review

Nowadays, a portable battery pack or also known as a power bank, is part of a gadgeteers arsenal. When looking for one, you have to think of the physical size and the power capacity it can give you.
The MiLi Power Master gives you a good balance of size and capacity. It measures only 6.8mm thin but grants you 2000mAh of power on a single charge. It’s the thinnest mobile power so far in its capacity.
Just like other MiLi power banks, the Power Master is so simple to use. Out of the box, you’ll get the Power Master, a multipurpose USB cable and a 30-pin connecting tip for your old iPhones and iPods.
This credit-card like power bank is pretty bare. All you need to know on how to use this is on one end. There’s the microUSB port, the 3-LED battery indicator lights, and a button to toggle the indicator lights.
Just like other power banks, charging this is done by connecting it to a USB port or a USB power adapter. Use the microUSB to USB cable to do so. Charging takes about over 4 hours before you’ll get the full 3 lights on.
Now to charge your smartphone, use the same cable but flip the USB tip to reveal a microUSB tip. Cool huh? Now you have a microUSB to microUSB cable which is what most smartphones require. You can also attach the 30-pin Apple connector tip onto the cable to charge your old iPhone and iPods. A full charge of the Power Master can give bring back your typical smartphone to 100% with a few more juice left.
Now here’s a problem I see here. Because it has a microUSB port instead of a USB port, you cannot charge your iPhone 5 or new iPods that use a Lightning cable unless your have a microUSB Lightning Cable with you. This limits the capability of the MiLi Power Master as you can only charge microUSB and 30-pin Apple devices.
However, if you’re looking for a really slim and compact power bank that you can easily bring with you anywhere, and your devices are mainly microUSB-powered, the MiLi Power Master would make a nice choice. It retails for Php1,890 and is available in your favorite Apple Reseller store, Astrovision, and Rustan’s.

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