Friday, March 22, 2013

LG Smart TV gets “Smarter” this 2013

If you’re in the market for a new TV, then 2013 might be the year for you as LG launched their latest Smart TV that seems to be getting more and more features that can prove to be useful today.
Let’s get out the usual suspects before heading on to the new stuff. There’s always the 3D and their light and battery-free Cinema 3D glasses. There’s also the built-in WiFi so you can play with the apps in Smart Home or video chat using the built-in camera.
Check out the new futuristic-looking remote. It still has the same functions that gives you a lot of ways to control your TV. You can use it as a pointer to navigate the screen, or use the scroll wheel, or use it as a wand to perform gestures, or use it as a microphone to control the TV with your voice.
The 2013 LG Smart TV also has Time Machine II so you can record videos or TV programs into its built-in storage (4GB), or into a connected external hard drive. You can record while watching or schedule a recording so you won’t miss your favorite shows. You don’t even have to keep the TV on when you schedule.
The new Smart TVs from LG also has a lot of ways to stream videos from your device. It supportsIntel’s WiDi so you can beam your laptop to the TV wirelessly. It supports mHL or Mobile HD Link so you can connect your smartphone (via MHL port) to the TV to access its contents while charging it at the same time. It supports NFC (with the Tag On sticker) to easily share content and mirror your NFC-enabled device. Miracast and Network File Browser via DLNA is also supported.
Viewing experience is enhanced with the most advanced Triple XD Engine to bring out color, contrast and clarity of the best picture quality and performance. It also has an IPS panel so a large group can have the same viewing experience from a variety of angle. The Resolution Upscaler will make sure that you’ll get a boost in viewing pleasure from standard def and high-def videos.
Lastly, the new LG Smart TVs looks better than ever. It has a slim depth and a narrow bezel on a uni-body finish. Truly classy, and the Magic Swivel stand looks sexy yet functional at the same time.
The LG Smart TV has gone a long way and the 2013 series is looking to be a great investment for the modern connected times.

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