Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jabra Motion, Bluetooth and NFC-enabled headset with motion sensors

Jabra has gone above and beyond with its recently launched headset, the Jabra Motion which uses the latest motion sensor technology while still delivering superior audio experience and full flexibility with its BT and NFC (Near-Field-Communication) connectivity.
The motion sensor allows users to concentrate on whatever they’re doing when picking up a call. Jabra Motion will detect when you’re about to wear it on your ear and will answer the call once it’s in place.
This headset can monitor up to 9 BT profiles so you can pair it with your smartphones, tablets, laptops, softphones, etc. It also supports NFC for fast pairing simply by tapping the headset with your NFC-enabled device.
It comes with the Jabra LiNK 360 nano USB adapter that ensures a stable BT connection to any PC. You’ll also get access to the Jabra PC Suite to enable you to update the product with the latest software.
The Jabra Motion is not your typical compact BT headset. It is a full-sized headset with a ‘behind-the-ear’ circular shape to comfortably fit the mold of the semi-circle shape of the back of your ear. On this space you’ll find the large touch volume area so no more fiddling with little nubs to toggle the volume.
It also has a foldable boom so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when carrying it in your pocket. This boom has an easy access Mute button on the tip which can prove to be helpful if you’re joining a conference call.
An optional charge and travel kit is available for the Jabra Motion. This allows you to store all the accessories in one convenient package that also acts as a charging dock when folded close. Neat huh?
The Jabra Motion will be locally available this coming April for $219.99 if you opt for the one with the travel kit while the regular version will retail for $199.99.

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