Thursday, March 28, 2013

Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse Review

The T400 Zone Touch is one Logitech’s peripherals made for the Windows 8 system. If you don’t have a touch-based Windows 8 machine, or still not used to the touch interface, using a mouse built for it might help the transition.


The Logitech T400 Zone Touch is an average-sized wireless mouse with a no-nonsense black and gray look. It has a low profile with a smooth matte surface and rubber ridges on the side for a better grip.
This mouse is also made for right and left-handed users. It comes with Logitech’s Unifying nano-receiver which you can use to connect up to 6 compatible Logitech peripherals to save on USB ports.
The left and right click buttons are seamlessly integrated into the design and there’s a touch strip in-between that also acts as the middle button aside from supporting some gestures.
The back has an On/Off switch so you won’t accidentally activate it while carrying it around. It is powered by 2 AA batteries (included in the package) and there’s also a slot for the receiver in case you don’t need it.


Using this mouse is easy. Just plug the nano-receiver to your USB port and you’re good to go. It will prompt you to install an optional Logitech software to enable more features from your mouse but you can skip it if all you want are the basic functions.
The T400 has a low-profile so if you’re used to mice with big humps, you might find this straining on the hand to use. It also doesn’t help that the left and right buttons are a bit shallow when clicked.
The touch strip works really well especially doing hyperscrolls. It has a smooth matte surface that swiping doesn’t hurt the skin on my fingertip over time as compared to smooth glossy ones which adds friction. You can also press this strip (much deeper click than the other two buttons) to bring out the Windows 8 Start screen, then swipe left and right on it to navigate.
Tracking is very smooth on this one. I’ve been using it on glass the whole time and never did the tracking skip on me.
Haven’t really had the chance to test the duration of a pair of AA batteries but Logitech claims that it can go up to 18 months.


Overall, the Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse is still a basic mouse with a few Windows 8 functions. It’s not a full-touch mouse and the touch strip will be used mainly to scroll up and down pages quickly. I love the fact that the mouse is ambidextrous but its low profile might dismay those with big hands. Still, it’s a pretty solid mouse that provides excellent tracking and comes with a sleek design.
The Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse is already available and retails for around Php1,600.

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