Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 different and easy steps How to protect your computer with genuine antivirus

Step 1:Buy Linux-based OS (mac)


Step 1: Buy a genuine windows Vista, 7 or 8 and download for free  Microsoft Security Essential (lifetime)


Note : there are 5,000 anivus , there 1000 top and the best antivirus , so there are 2,000 antivirus that is  life time free (includes Microsoft Security Essential ), out of 5,000 antivirus  3,000 antivirus  give you a Trial pack  for 30 days (includes top and the best antivirus)

Step 1 :download and install 1 antivirus  out of 3,000 antivirus for 30 day after they expired uninstall them and download a new one and install it! simple right 

                                          save your money!

3,000 antivirus multiplied with 31 days =  so get protected upto 255 years (your computer will get protect from virus for 255 year but you wouldn't be alive for 255 years!)

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