Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Epson still number one in projector after 12 years

According to Futuresource Consulting, a projector market research firm, Epson achieved a record 12 year in a row as the world’s number 1 projector brand.
The company got its highest-ever projector market share in 2012 at 26.2%, a huge growth from the 22.9% market share it posted in 2011. This roughly means that over one in four projectors sold in the past year was an Epson. Sales of Epson projectors in 2012 were so strong that they were greater than the combined sales volumes of the second, third and fourth ranked projector brands.
Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) recently launched four new 3D and six new integrated interactive projectors, each with its own set of market-leading capabilities and features.
EPC recently launched:
  • The EB-W16 and EB-W16SK: Epson’s first 3D projectors for educational and business users – The EB-W16 is an active 3D model, and the EB-W16SK is a passive 3D model composed of two stacked projectors
  • The EH-TW6100 and EH-TW8100: Two high-end 1080p home theatre 3D projectors able to generate the world’s brightest 3D images.
  • The new EB-400 series: An upgrade of Epson’s EB-400 short throw projector series to include integrated interactive functionality
  • The EB-1400Wi/1410Wi: Epson’s first ultra-short throw, integrated interactive projector for business users.
Epson’s new 3D projector models support all 3D formats without the need for additional hardware, unlike “3D Ready” projectors that require a separate format converter to play content in 3D formats used by Blu-Ray players or 3D TV broadcasts.
“As the world’s No.1 projector maker, we are proud once again to demonstrate how we raise standards in performance, innovation, and functionality and exceed the expectations of our customers through these new projectors,” says Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) President/Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka.

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