Monday, March 18, 2013

Health Benefits of Figs

The fig(Anjeer in Urdu) is a part of a large family of tropical fruits which is the mulberry family. They are available all around the season but are best from May through November.  They are also native to the temperate climate of Turkey.
One of the Figs use is for nutritious food and has a long history of medicinal use. Popular varieties are commonly grown in the USA such as Brown Turkey, Conadria, Kadota and Black Mission. A fully ripe fig has a pear or a bell shape. It is one of the sweetest fruits when ripe but are highly perishable. Fig leaves are edible and has more significant benefits than                                                                                                                            the fruit itself.
It expels the gases from the intestines because it is believed to be communicative. They have high dietary fiber. Figs are ideal for those trying to lose weight. It contains enzymes such as proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It gives strength and energy for patients that seek to recover from long-term
They are also recommended in the treatment of asthma, coughs and chill.  You can eat fig to aid constipation. They are also recommended to remove bad breath. Chewing and swallowing fig leaves is a popular natural remedy for ulcer calls. Some scientist recommends it to treat liver problems, urinary problems, piles, epilepsy, heartburns and chest pains. It helps  in reducing acidity and rheumatism. It is a good expectorant too. It can dissolve  and expel kidney and urinary bladder stones and can also help patients who has had a kidney transplant.
The stem of a fresh fig fruit is antifungal and can be used in the treatment of warts. Research studies have proven that their berries have chlorogenic acid that help lower the blood sugar level and control blood-glucose levels. Fig tree has low calories. The Alkalizing properties of the fig  make it an anticancer. The fig fruit contains a potent bactericide which reduced body heat. It is also an excellent remedy for sore throats.

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