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17 Shocking and Eye-opening Facts about Smoking

Believe it or  not smoking and use of tobacco is a curse, not only for the smoker but his family too. Smoking claims over 10,000 lives every hour round the world. Cigarette, Cigar, Water pipe(Hookah or Shisha) are some of the major forms of smoking.

Why is smoking dangerous?

facts about smoking
Cigarette, Cigar and all other forms of tobacco make the smoker addictive of tobacco and its very difficult to get rid of smoking once you are addicted to it. A cigarette or any form of tobacco has thousands of chemicals, poisons and side effects which we’ll explain below.

What’s in a Cigarette?

Some reports say there are about 4000 dangerous and harmful chemicals in a cigarette while according to wikipedia, there may be over 7000 chemicals in a cigarette. Majority of these chemicals are toxic and over 50 of them can cause cancer. Some major chemicals are given below:
Nicotine: Major cause of addiction towards smoking. Harmful to heart, and causes blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
Tar: Another harmful chemical which produces from a burning cigarette and it damages, lungs, teeth, gums and effects taste buds.
Carbon Monoxide: It is a toxic gas which can be harmful to humans when used in large amounts.
Urea: It is used to add some taste to the cigarette, but generally urea is one of the major components found in urine.
Lead: It is a toxic chemical and is used in construction materials, batteries and bullets. It can effect almost all the systems of human body.
Benzene, Chromium, Ammonia, Acrolein, hydrogen cyanide, sulphur dioxide, polonium and 70 other cancer causing chemicals are present in a cigarette.

Smoking has become very common in teens as well as aged people now-a-days. It starts from fun and  style, and unfortunately ends at death.
For many people it is just fun while many people smoke just because their body is addicted to tobacco and according to them they think can’t live without it.
We are going to share some shocking information and facts about cigarette and smoking.

First of all, let us tell you about the ingredients of a cigarette. A cigarette contains more then 7,000 chemicals in it, Nicotine is one and major of them that is addictive too. In these 7,000 chemicals, several hundreds are toxic and 70 of them can cause cancer.
Some of the most harmful ingredients of a cigarette contains lead, radon, tar (tar-col), radium, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and uranium.
In fact, if we write about them in detail, we can write dozens of books on it.

8 eye-opening facts about smoking:

  • There are over 1.22 billion smokers in the world which means about 16.5% the whole world population is addictive to smoking.
  • Sugar is one of the major components added in a cigarette; therefore for diabetic patients it is more dangerous and harmful than any other person.
  • Heart attack, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, strokes, high blood pressure and many other diseases are gifted by smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • There is enough amount of nicotine in 5 cigarettes to kill a human if it is chewed.
  • Smoking is not only harmful to smoker but to a second-hand smoker too as the smoke itself has more than 50 chemicals that causes cancer. A second-hand smoker can be your child, wife, brother or friend.
  • Many people says, only cigarette is the one which can cause damage to human body in different ways, but the fact is that pipe, waterpipe, cigars, hand-made roller are also harmful. Chewing Tobacco is another form of taking tobacco and is a major cause of mouth cancer.
  • Another bad aspect of smoking is bad breathe, pale fingers and teeth and a wrinkled face.
  • Tobacco Smoking is a gateway to other bad habits and drugs as majority of the  drugs are used through cigarettes.

Shocking Smoking Facts:

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  1.  According to many scientists, a smoker will live 14 year less of his life than a Normal person.
  2. There are about 1.1 billion smokers in the world and 300 million of them are in China.
  3.  According to British scientists, every cigarette you smoke can shorten your life by 11 minutes.
  4.  Due to smoking, supply of blood to your skin reduces that can lower the level of Vitamin A in your body and also your body gets paler and full of wrinkles.
  5. About 3,000 deaths occurred just because of second-hand smoking, means if you are a smoker then you are a direct danger to your family, friends and relatives.
  6. In last one minute, about 7 people died just because of smoking, that means smoking claims 1 life every eight seconds.
  7. Lung Cancer, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Skin and Mouth Cancer are some major diseases that can be caused due to smoking.
  8. If a pregnant woman smokes, the chances of her miscarriage are increased.
  9. 90% of the lung cancer patients are smokers.

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