Monday, March 11, 2013

Rock Balancing Art

Art comes in all forms.  Whether we are talking painting, cinema, poetry, sculpture, or many other artistic mediums, that which we define as art can cast a wide net.  One of the most interesting forms of art, called rock balancing art, is fascinating in its presentation and singular connectedness with nature.
Image Credit: Flickr, davidyuweb
Image Credit: Flickr, davidyuweb
Those that participate in this art form take special care to find the right shape of rocks that are perched in just a certain way and through a series of trial and error attempts, manage pulling off what appears to be almost magical.  Rocks that are actually balanced in such a way that they look almost suspended in air.  If you can find an equally fascinating backdrop to the rocks that are balanced and if you are able to successfully demonstrate control by balancing more than one rock such that they are stacked, consider yourself a rock balancing artist!  Better yet, you pull off this magnificence of the rock balancing art form and snap off some pictures and share it in social circles before a breeze comes along to cause them to tumble down, then you have proof of your artistic capabilities and joined a rare club.  Here are a few amazing examples of rocks being balanced in the most precarious ways.
Amazing Rocks Balanced in a Row
Balancing Rocks

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