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8 cool things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung created the Galaxy Note 8.0 to fill the screen size void between the S-Pen powered Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1. Having an 8-inch display, the Note 8 gives you a bigger screen real estate for you to play with the stylus, yet still portable enough to bring with you anywhere.
This phone/tablet is equipped with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, a hefty 2GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot for more space. It also has a 5-megapixel camera at the back capable of Full HD video recording and a 1.3-megapixel one at the front.
The Galaxy Note 8.0 makes for a nice all-in-one electronic device that can effectively replace your planner or journal, E-Book reader, notebook, and even your smartphone if you wish to. You can do a lot of things with it that you can’t do on an ordinary smartphone or tablet and here are just 8 of them:

Split-screen multitasking

Split-screen is not a new feature for Samsung but what good is it when you can’t effectively work with it due to a small screen. 8-inch is ample enough so you can properly put an entry on your calendar while viewing your e-mail at the same time, or surf the web while your music playlist is easily accessible on the right side. The Galaxy Note 8.0 has a sidebar where you can put up to 20 apps supported by split-screen that you can call on to any time.

Hover to preview

Do you hate opening your long list of e-mails one at a time looking for a specific one? With the Note’s Air View, you can simply hover your S-Pen on each e-mail to get a preview of its content. You can also use Air View on folders, galleries, scanning videos, and even third-party apps such as Flipboard.

Quick Command

The Note 8.0 offers Quick Command that gives the S-Pen the ability to do things such as pulling up a contact, or sending somebody a message, or launching an app, simply by writing the command with it. Just press the S-pen’s button and swipe upwards to bring out Quick Command.

Put notes on your photos

Ever wish you can write at the back of your photos like you do during the film days? You can do that here. Take a photo and you can choose to write a note at the back, like the occasion maybe or a message to a friend. You can send the photo to a friend with a Samsung device that supports Photo Notes so he or she can view it as well.

Use the aNote HD as your journal, planner, and diary in one

The Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with the aNote HD app already. It’s one of the best paid planner app in the market. It integrates with Samsung’s native calendar, note, and planner apps but now you will only be dealing with one app.

Capture anything from the screen

One of the things you can enjoy with the Galaxy Notes is the ability to clip anything from the screen with the S-Pen (just press the button and highlight the area you want to capture) and attach it to any app that accepts images. If you’re making a list of gifts to buy, you can easily clip a photo of the items from the web and put it in your list. Or maybe quickly attach a section of a Google map onto your e-mail.

Annotate your books

Samsung’s Reader Hub is not your normal e-book reader app. This app allows you to put annotation on any digital book you load on it. You can highlight sections of text, or simply scribble notes on the pages of your book. It’s quite handy if you use it as a reader for your school textbooks.

Control your TV

Unlike the smaller Galaxy Note’s, the Galaxy Note 8 comes with an IR blaster and the Peel Smart Remote so you can also use it to control your TVs. It doesn’t work with the cable box or those obscure brands though.


There are still a lot of things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and we just love the tight integration of its S-Apps and the S-Pen that can heavily increase your productivity with it. The 8-inch also seemed like the sweet display size for you to maximize the potential of a portable device with a stylus. It may not have top-notch specs such as Full HD screen, or an impressive camera, or LTE capability, but it’s still one helluva device you can do a lot of things with.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available mid-April 2013 with an SRP of Php23,990.

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