Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing Spider Rain in Brazil

An actual footage was captured as hundreds of spiders spiraling through the air and dangling from telephone poles in the Southern Brazilian Town of San Antonio da Platina giving the illusion that they are falling from the sky.
spider rain in Brazil
According to Erick Reis, he was leaving a party on Sunday when he noticed that it was not rain, nor even snow falling from the skies but spiders. The footage was posted on Youtube.
According to some reports, this was not the first time that this happened. In 2007, it is said that a man in Argentina also captured images of a spider rain. According to a local biologist, these spiders are a member of the “social spider” species group. The arachnids are recognized for making “sheet webs”. In fact, the scientists and biologists call their behavior, which was captured on video, normal and natural phenomenon.
Anelosimus eximus are some of the largest colonies in the spider world. They can share with as many as 50,000 individuals in their webs. They are very cooperative and group-living spiders. They have the size of about the size of a pencil eraser. This type of spiders is known to be quite social. During the day, they are usually in trees. They destroy their webs so that birds do not do it instead. In the late afternoon and early evening, they build a sort of giant sheets of web for them to trap insects.
They actually work in teams to catch their prey. They’re massive spider webs can be found from ground level for at least 20 meters up. Sometimes, the entire web comes down crashing under the weight of its inhabitants. These spiders are known as dark-weavers. A teacher even explained that the time when the footage was taken, it is the time of the year which is their breeding period.

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