Thursday, March 7, 2013

Awesome Nicknames of 5 famous Countries

Most of you guys will have a cute nickname given by family or friends. Just like you guys, many countries and cities also have some unique and interesting nicknames given by some great people and locals. Today, we are going to explore the nick names of 5 countries.
China:  The sleeping Giant

This name was given to China by Napoleon Bonaparte, when he pointed to China in a map and said “There, is a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! If he awakes, he will shake the world.” So we can now guess that how prescient was Napoleon. China is/was one of the largest countries in the world and at that times China was silent in terms of relations and trades with other countries so was given this name by Napoleon.

Switzerland:  Land of Chocolates and Cuckoo Clocks

Switzerland is famous for many things but two of them are most famous due to which they also got this beautiful nickname. The two reasons behind this name are:
  1. They have world’s best chocolate.
  2. They have a long-tradition of watch-making. Switzerland is also home to Rolex Watch-making company.

Thailand:  The land of smiles

Thailand is not only famous for its natural beauty and historical places but also for friendly people. While meeting foreigners and other tourists they always used to smile so this nickname “The Land of Smiles” is given to them by the tourists.

Brazil:  Pindorama

Brazil is called “Pindorama” in Guarani Language (An official language of Paraguay). This fantastic name was given to them by the natives and its meanings are “Land of the Palm Trees”

Australia:   The Lucky Country

Australia is often called as “The Lucky Country”. It was first used in a book(The Lucky Country) in 1964. This name was given to Australia because of its natural resources, history and distance from the rest of the world that save it from many problems.
Do your Country or City has a kool nick name? Share it with us and we’ll include it in the upcoming posts.

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