Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boot Speed test : Win 8 Vs Win 7 Vs Win Xp Vs Win Vista Vs Mac Vs Ubuntu Vs Linux

Win XP Vs Win 7 (Win 7 wins)

Win 7 Vs Win 8 (Win 8 wins)

Win 7 Vs Win 8 Vs Win Vista  (Win 8 wins)

Win 8 Vs Mac (Win 8 wins)

Win 8 Vs Ubuntu (Win 8 wins)

Results  2013

!: Windows 8 (6-20sec)
2: Ubuntu (6.5-22sec)
3: Linux (6.5-25sec)
4: Mac (7-25sec)
5: Windows 7 (10-30sec)
6: Windows Vista (12-32sec)
7: Windows XP (15-35sec)

Winner: Windows 8  

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