Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fugu – Taste and Poison Combined

One plate of this dish will cost you from 50 $ to 200 $. It’s an adventure itself as it can be the most delicious meal you will ever have or a little bit of mistake can make it your last one because it is one of the most poisonous meals in the world.

What are we talking about?

We are talking about the Japanese Puffer fish ‘Fugu’. It is considered as one of the most delicious dishes in Japan and what make it so special is that it is prepared from one the most poisonous vertebrates “Puffer fish” (Blow Fish).
As it is one of the expensive dishes in Japan, most of the restaurants love to have this in their menu but it’s use is very strictly observed as per Japanese law.

Who can cook Fugu?

There are special chefs who can cook and then sell Fugu to the public as for this purpose they must obtain a license from government, the process includes two to three year apprenticeship and then a series of tests including written, oral and practical tests to qualify for the license of FUGU. The candidate must eat their cooked meal to pass the test and some of candidate have already lost their lives because just a small mistake can make this delicious dish to one of the most poisonous thing on the earth.

How they cook Fugu?

Fugu is prepared with special knife called fugu hiki which is kept separately from other cooking tools. In fugu, fish liver is considered to be the most delicious part but its also the most poisonous part of the fish body and most of death are reported to be of people who had the liver of the fish without proper cleaning of the intoxicant part.

How dangerous is it?

The toxin in the fish is 1200 times deadlier than the cyanide itself. Fugu is a beauty that can be a beast any time but still Japanese love this food and take this gamble every time they order Fugu in a restaurant.

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