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Top 5 PC Games of 2012

2012 has been a great year for PC gaming. With its broad range of diversity and accessibility, the gaming realm of PC offered surprises and top notch hits. Read below and see the our Top 5 PC games of 2012.

5. DayZ

Genre: Open World Survival Horror
Although DayZ is technically only a mod for the game ARMA 2, it has received high praises for its dynamic open-world atmosphere and experience-driven gameplay. Named as PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year, DayZ took the competitive online gaming world, the zombie apocalypse theme, and the survival horror genre by storm, raising each to the next level of gaming experience.
As a community-driven force, the DayZ mod, lead by Dean “Rocket” Hall, is currently developed and updated by a group of community members. The mod features a broad range of loot, different game maps, and a promise of a standalone game in 2013. Praised by most topnotch game developers as a fresh way of introducing gameplay experience, DayZ focuses on survival against zombies, other players, and the environmental factors such as the weather, hunger, thirst, and injuries.
See if you can survive a post-apocalyptic world. Read more about DayZ at

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Genre: Cooperative First-Person Shooter
Valve surely hit the spot as it released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the much-anticipated title from the legendary Counter-Strike series. With revamped old maps that offers a classic feel, as well as new maps and game modes, gamers felt the new era of Counter-Strike gaming as they chose between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams.
With familiar game modes such as Defuse and Hostage on classic maps, gamers can choose between Competitive and Casual gameplay. The Competitive mode offers standard rules, while Casual mode offers full armor and bonus rewards for achievements. Gamers can also utilize the new weapons featured such as the PP-Bizon, Tec-9, and the Sawed Off shotgun, along with the classic AWP and AK-47, making it both a fresh and a familiar experience.
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3. Borderlands 2

Genre: Action RPG First-Person Shooter
Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter game with elements of role-playing. Taking on the success of its predecessor, Gearbox Software and 2K Games offered the gaming world another action-packed title that is set on the planet Pandora. With five playable characters, gamers can journey through quests and bounty-hunting as they build up their characters with experience.
One notable feature of this game is its procedural-generated loot system. Items found in-game offers a broad range of randomly generated statistics that affect gameplay. Damage, accuracy, and elemental effects, plus a customizable weapon system will surely make you play this game for hours.
Hunt, take your bounty, and save Pandora. Read more about Borderlands 2 at

2. Assassin’s Creed III

Genre: Open World Action-Adventure
A direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed III offers the return of Desmond Miles, and a new protagonist named Connor. Through the Animus, gamers can experience the life of the new assassin in the 18th century setting, specifically the American Revolution.
With an open-world gameplay, gamers can explore the wilderness, as well as different cities using a broad range of Connor’s arsenal. Along with this feature, the new weather system makes the game more challenging as different factors such as rain and snow affect the character’s movement and visibility. Lastly, features such as free-running, close combat, and stealth make the game a dynamic and thrilling experience, factors that make each gamer addicted to the series.
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1. Guild Wars 2

Set to continue the standard started by its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 took over the MMORPG world as gamers established their characters and guilds for fluid competitive action.
Set on Tyria, the game offers five races and eight professions, as well as a large variety of skills. Different combinations of races and professions allow gamers to choose and customize their gameplay style. Aside from this, gamers are only allowed to choose ten active skills, making the skill choice an important factor in strategy making during battles. The Player-versus-Player game mode offers a fixed level that provides access to all skills and items, a feature that made its predecessor a great game for competitive gamers as well as casual gamers alike.
Experience large scale combat and rise with your guild. Read more about Guild Wars 2 at:
2012 has been truly a great year for PC gaming. Hopefully, 2013 will continue this trend of innovative fresh ideas and classic franchise follow-ups. Happy gaming, everyone!

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