Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ASUS Zen Drive, more than just your ordinary external DVD writer

Notebooks without optical drives are getting more popular these days now that the Ultrabook form factor is also being used in mainstream notebooks. People simply opt to go with an external DVD drive especially if they don’t need it often.
The ASUS SDRW-08D3S-U Zen Drive is an external DVD writer that is figuring out to be a cut from the rest. From the stylish design alone, it’s not your typical plain-looking slim external writer. It has that metallic-spun (although polycarbonate) body inspired from their premium Zenbook line of notebook.
It’s only 20mm thin and weighs just 365g. It is also USB-powered so you don’t have to lug along a power brick just to use it. Now that’s portable.
What’s cool with the ASUS Zen Drive is that it comes with an AV function. What this does it that it allows multimedia files stored in your CD/DVD to be read by TVs and tablets that can read files off USB devices. Like an external hard drive connected to your TVs USB but with files burned on CDs or DVDs instead.
This external DVD drive also has a built-in 256-bit encryption if you want to keep your burned CDs/DVDs secured. It supports password-controlled access and hidden-folder masking for complete privacy of information. 
No news on local pricing and availability yet for this device but we’ll keep you posted once we have it.

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