Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Divoom iFit-3 Speaker Dock Review

We’ve covered a handful of Divoom speakers in this site already and here’s another one, the Divoom iFit-3 speaker dock made for the iPod, iPhone, and even the iPad.
Divoom iFit-3 1
The Divoom iFit-3 seems to have been carved out of a bowling ball. It’s a speaker meant as a companion for tablets, as it is designed with a mount at the front.
Divoom iFit-3 2 Divoom iFit-3 3
A hole at the bottom of the mount allows you to route the headphone jack from under the unit, with the rubber pads providing enough clearance to fit the cable, but you can easily  route it around when you use a tablet. The included audio cable is long enough. The ports and switch are found at the back of the unit, just like its other siblings.
Divoom iFit-3 4
As a speaker, it gets muddy or distorted when you crank up the volume too high or when you play really fat beats, but I find that it renders voices quite well, so you’ll be able to understand the lyrics to the songs that you’d listen to or the dialogues whenever you watch your favorite TV series (Fringe!).
I found a little quirk though, or maybe it’s isolated to this unit. When using it on my iPad, I can barely hear anything at the middle volume setting, you have to slide the volume way up to hear better.
Divoom iFit-3 5
It having an internal battery hints that it’s portable, but the size, shape and weight doesn’t necessarily make it so. It has pointed corners, especially at the back that you would not want to drop this thing on your foot or have your kid handle it. It is a perfect weapon for domestic disputes I might say. Imagine you’re male and married, getting home really drunk from a party, seeing your angry wife about to throw this at you. It’ll make you sober.
Despite the interesting shape, It does serve its purpose adequately as a good speaker and mount for a tablet. It’s mass makes for a really stable base and I find myself using this often with my iPad at home to watch videos. It’s battery is rated at 8 hours which during my time with is spot on.
Retail price for the Divoom iFit-3 is Php1,800 and should be available in your favorite authorized Apple reseller store.

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