Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Barcelona Spain – Beauty and Splendor

Europe is full of opportunities to vacation.  And one of the real pearls is Spain with its fascinating architecture of old and new.  The image is of the CASA Batllo in Barcelona, Spain.

Image Credit: Flickr, geoftheref

When you think of Spain, the mind conjures up images of beautiful seascapes, oceans, and of course bull fights.  But Spain is much more than this and if you ever wish to explore this fascinating country steep in history and culture, then you need to invest some time to learn more about this beautiful place.
Madrid is the capital of Spain and located in the central area of this rather large European country.  Like spokes from a wheel, many of the places to visit and explore radiate from Madrid and can be reached within six hours by vehicle.  I strongly recommend if you are visiting Spain and really wish to partake in the special beauty of the country side and ambiance of the culture and people, get care and get out in the country so that you can enjoy the quaint agricultural villages and some of the more remote and barren landscapes which pass you by as if you are in a time machine.  Places like Granada, Salamanca, and Seville are just a few places you may wish to soak up.
Many people when visiting Spain choose to arrive in Madrid given its central location and the availability of trains, busses, and air flights within the country.  While Madrid may not be as glamorous as other European cities such as Paris or London, rest assured this place is in its own league if you appreciate both the old and the new. Just about every type of restaurant and leisure activity is available to you and the day trips to such locales as Segovia, Toledo, and El Escorial is nearby and breathtaking.
Of course, it is hard not to partake in some of the very special cultural experiences within Spain such as the bullfighting and appreciating the beautiful women in their flamenco dresses.  If you like the sun, there is plenty of it.  If you enjoy the mutli-cultural experience of a place where Spanish is not always the predominant language spoke, go to Spain as you will find many people from Britain, Germany, and Scandinavians.  If you desire to go to a place that has its own unique heritage, go to Barcelona where some argue is like a country unto itself. With incredible and diverse restaurants and the most amazing building architecture you probably have ever seen, Barcelona seldom disappoints.

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