Saturday, April 6, 2013

Harms and Dangers of Cola Drinks ( but we still drink it ,who cares)

We human beings are on the verge of health destruction just because we don’t pay real attention to our daily eating(s). Certainly, soft drinks or colas are one of those food ingredients that are extremely injurious to our health.
dangers of cola

What’s in cola?

There’s always been a definite amount of caffeine in every cola and its effects can’t be neglected at all. This is not only an addictive substance but has bad impact over heart rhythms and pulse rates. In addition to it, caffeine also promotes the excessive production of urine that ultimately dehydrates the entire body with a very short span of time.
The second most damaging ingredient of cola is the sugar. Habitual cola drinking routine can lead to disturbance of sugar level along with cavities problems. For sugar, people may argue about its substitute being used in cola these days thinking that they are good or have no bad impact. However, drinks being manufactured with sugar substitutes have more bad impact as compared to sugar-coated drinks. Even in some cases, it’s been seen that people have been diagnosed with severe brain dysfunctionalities problem along with incurable states of cancer too.
When it comes to carbonation, this also plays a vital role in disturbing the digestion system and especially the kidneys. Many people have been found visiting dentists because their tooth color had gradually started to fade due to habitual cola drinking routine.
Artificial Colors:
In addition to it, a recent study shows that the coloring element of cola and other flavor enhancement substances have got severe impact over bones and calcium. Once the person gets addictive of it, his\her body gradually starts to hollow from inside.
Cola with Mentos:
cola with mentos
A recent study said that taking cola with mentos can be very much dangerous for us and our stomach may explode. This is because of a chemical reaction which rapidly form foam of cola. It is also proved in many experiments by scientists and experts.


It is highly suggested to first thoroughly read the ingredients of a cola or any soft drink before you go for it. Secondly, don’t get yourself addictive to any sort of cola even if it has got no harmful ingredients.  That’s why it said, prevention is better than cure.

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