Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The MYO Armband takes gesture control to the next level

Gesture control is nothing new. You probably saw it first on games like the Nintendo Wii with the use of a controller. Microsoft made it better by doing it without any handheld accessories. Smart TVs these days also adapted gesture controls for navigation.
MYO armband
One thing these devices have in common is that you need to be in front of a camera for gestures to be recognized. What if you want to control a device that has no camera, or don’t want to be restricted to be in front of a camera at all times?
Thalmic Labs has developed the MYO armband which uses your muscles’ electrical activity to wirelessly control your device. May it be a computer, a phone, an MP3 player, anything that has Bluetooth. It can detect muscle movement down to each individual finger, or detect arm movements in all directions including rotations.
Can’t visualize it? Here’s a video to better understand how MYO works. It’s pretty cool!
The future’s pretty awesome right?
Before you want the company to take your money, the MYO armband won’t ship until early 2014. However, Thalmic Labs are already accepting pre-orders for just $149. Currently, it’s fully supported by Windows and Mac OS but the API will eventually be available for iOS and Android.
Head over to to learn more.

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