Friday, April 26, 2013

Level Up! launches Assault Fire for Pinoy FPS gamers

Looking for a new First-Person Shooter (FPS) game to try? Level Up! might just have the game for you.
Assault Fire is the latest offering from Level Up! and surprisingly, their first FPS game in their stable. The game is developed by China’s Tencent Games which boasts of 3D graphics, new game modes like Mech and Mutant Matches, and a skill system that lets you build your soldier in the way that you want to.
Choose between the government-sanctioned unit G.S.D.U. or the renegrade group Resistance, battling mutants, monsters, and each other with high-tech weaponry and giant Mechs. The game also features localized game achievements you might want to complete such as Imba, Asa, Fishball, and many more. Aside from the usual PvP modes, there’s also PvE modes such as Defense and Zombie survival.
“We’re very excited to introduce Assault Fire to the local gaming community,” says Playweb Games General Manager Jake San Diego. “With its multitude of game modes, Assault Fire is THE game for every type of FPS player. Players are bound to spend countless hours piloting mechs, destroying mutants, or surviving cyborg zombies. It’s high time that Pinoy FPS gamers got to taste the future of firepower today.”
You also might want to take your Assault Fire gaming seriously as the game is also included in national e-sports tournament series where you can win cash prizes and the chance to represent the country in a special exhibition match at the World Cyber Games (WCG) in China.
Assault Fire Closed Beta Testing is already underway but you can still register and download the game to join. What’s good about CBT’s is that there are often freebies whenever a bug is found. What’s more, Level Up! announced that there won’t be any character wipes once it goes out of beta so you get to keep your items, exp, and progress when it goes official.

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