Thursday, April 18, 2013

Epson launches new Ink Tank System printers for 2013

Along with the 20th anniversary of the Micro Piezo printhead technology, Epson formally launched their 2013 lineup of ink tank system printers to build on the high success of the models launched over the last two years.

Epson M100 and M200 Monochrome Ink Tank System Printers

Building on the success of Epson’s L-series ink tank system printers, the new Epson M100 and M200 Monochrome ink tank system printer models provide customers a better alternative to monochrome laser printers of similar price.
Epson M100
The Epson M100 is a single function monochrome ink tank system printer while the M200 is the all-in-one ink version.
These two Epson M-series printers achieve a laser quality speed of 15ppm that matches entry-level laser printers and makes them the fastest Epson ink tank system printers for black text printing.
Epson M200
With Epson’s ink tank system technology, these M-series printers are able to print a very high volume of 8,000 pages with the initial bundle of inks, and 6,000 pages for each refill. The printers also have a long life span rated at 50,000 pages which is the highest among Epson’s ink tank system printers.
These printers also use genuine Epson pigment ink that ensures sharp, crisp printout which doesn’t fade and are water resistant.

Epson L355 and L550 Color All-in-One Ink Tank System Printers

Epson L355
The Epson L355 is the first model in Epson’s ink tank system printer range to feature WiFi connectivity making it ideal for sharing among users. It is also an all-in-one printer and with the WiFi capability, it can connect with Epson’s iPrint app that allows users to wirelessly print from, or scan images to Apple iOS or Android mobile devices.
Epson L550
The Epson L550 is Epson’s most fully featured genuine ink tank system printer. It is the first to have an integrated fax, Ethernet connectivity, and an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) which allows users to scan, copy, or fax multi-page documents unattended. It it also compatible with Epson’s iPrint app.
Both of these new L-series printers use high capacity ink bottles (Php295) that allow for incredibly high volume prints at a low cost. Their starting set of one blank 70mL ink bottle can print 4,000 black pages, and three 70mL color ink bottles can print 6,500 color pages.


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