Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Open Exe Files in Ubuntu (also with video)


  1. 1
    This part is for Ubuntu 10.04 and above:
    • First go to Applications >> Ubuntu Software Center.
    • In the search bar on the top-right corner enter the search term 'wine'.
    • You will get a list.
    • Click on the first link and install it .
    • It will automatically create a 'virtual' C:\ drive in Ubuntu .
    • You can open some exe files and install some in the virtual C:\ drive .
  2. 2
    This part is for other versions:
    • Go to System->Administration->Software Sources.
    • Then select the Other Software tab and click Add.
    • Then, type the following line into the box that appears
    • ppa: Ubuntu-wine/ppa
  3. 3
    You can also type the following in terminal:
    • sudo adds-apt-repository ppa: Ubuntu-wine/ppa


  • If you're using Ubuntu 10.04 or more , do the first trick - it is easier.
  • Beta versions are not recommended.
  • All the applications may not work.
  • Try some windows games.


  • Don't install/run applications which have high requirements, even if your PC meets them .

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