Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset Review

We recently had the chance to review Rapoo’s H6080 Bluetooth headset. In case you don’t know, Rapoo is one of the leading peripherals brand names in mainland China and they’re set to make waves in the country as well.
Rapoo H6080 1
The Rapoo H6080 wireless headset touts voice activated answering for calls, just say “yes” or “no” to answer or reject incoming calls as you listen to your music.
Rapoo H6080 2
This headset feels really light on the hand, and you can easily fold and stow it into the carrying case that comes with the unit. It also includes a micro USB cable for charging your headset. Power-up, setting it to connect to a device, answering and rejecting calls, volume, play and pausing audio are all accessed via a single button on the left earcup.
Rapoo H6080 3
Setting it up to connect to your phone is easy enough. Press the button long enough until you see the green light blinking fast and pair it via your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Slide the button left and right to control volume, push once to play or pause while playing music. With calls, you either push the button to answer or end it or you can use voice commands (“yes” or “no”) to answer or reject calls.
Rapoo H6080 4
The voice quality is good enough with this headset, but with regards to music playback I find the sound a little soft and it becomes muddy at higher volumes. I don’t like the fact that this has no controls for previous and next tracks, so you’ll always have to put your phone out just to skip music. While I love the fact that the headset is light to wear, I also feel that I have to be a little careful handling it, as the headset is mostly made of plastic.
Rapoo H6080 5
That being said, if you’re looking for an affordable bluetooth headset that you can also use to listen to music, you can give this one a try, but if you want something that offers better controls for your music AND also serve as a headset, you might want to look elsewhere.
The Rapoo H6080 is available in three colors: blue, gray and yellow and retails for Php2,775.

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